Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BReiTLiNG's ToP 21 FaVoRiTe THiNGs!!!

There's not a whole lot to write about so far this week, so I decided to jot down some things about Breitling at this age that I think are important for me to remember, and for him to be able to read about later on in his life.
Breit's favorite thing in the world is light! The very first thing he does when he wakes up from a nap is not cry for mommy or daddy, but he yells out "LIGHT"! All he wants to do is play with any light switch he can get his hands on. Not to mention that "light" was one of his very first words! It was really cute at first, of coarse, but now he's getting to the point of being slightly OCD about it. I got really tired of lifting him up and down every five seconds to flip the switch so I finally got smart and put a step up stool underneath the switch so he can do it all day long if he wants to! And he pretty much does!

2-Favorite Songs to Sing
Breitling loves to sing songs. Amongst some of his most favorites are:
Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam ("a bum beam, a bum beam...a go, a go, a clay!")
Old McDonald ("E-I-E Yo Yo")
Twinkle Little Star and
Hello, Hello
Clean Up (Lockly)

He also loves to play with mommy and daddy's cell phones. His favorite person to "talk" to is grandma, or as he says "botkey". Our phones can entertain him all day as long as either a ring tone is going off, or if he thinks he's really talking to Botkey! Every time he find something that even remotely looks like a phone he'll put it up to his ear and say "hello? yeah..." along with a lot of gibberish. It's really cute!

He's only 17 months old, but he can count to 6 perfectly! He just points to random stuff and starts to count it!

He loves his "books" that are really flash cards. The cards are 2-sided and if you show him one side, he knows exactly what's on the other side. He'll grab the card and before turning it over, he'll tell us what it says on the opposite side! He's so stink'n smart! At night before we put him down for "ny,night" he'll say "stowy?" or "book?" and go grab what it is that he wants us to read to him that night. His favorite books are "The Barnyard Dance", "Potty Time", and "Elmo's Book of Colors".

Breitling loves to say his prayers. Whenever we tell him it's time to pray he'll sit down and fold his arms (usually hiding his face). After a couple of seconds he'll say "Amen" while holding his arms out like..."all done".

7-Favorite Words
"all none"
"up plays"
"uh oh!"
"wooo hoooo!"
"Oh, a ohh!"(With a lot of voice fluctuating)
"No, no, no!"
"stowy" (story)
"oh no!"
"aw ha!"
"ba bye"
"Haley" or "Hally"
"on,on,on?"(Meaning on,off,on? Usually referring to lights)
"Yay!"(While clapping his hands)

He his a fantastic dancer with great rhythm! Anytime he hears music he starts to tap his feet, clap his hands, or spin in a circle! He loves to dance!

9-Facial Expressions
He does a great "zoolander" face! He also likes to make a fish face, and do all kinds of things with his eyebrows!

Hide n' seek is one of his favorite games, but he especially love to use his or daddy's hat to play. He'll pick up a hat, hide his face, then pop out and say "BOO!" He thinks he's so funny!
He's also getting really good at "Pat a cake" and he loves it when we play "This little piggy went to the market". He also loves to play chase and run down the hall with his little bowed legs.

Bath time, hot tubs, pools, lakes....need I say more? OBSESSED! I call him "my little guppy"!

Doorbells, remote controls, VCR, DVD player, etc. Anything with a button he will touch! He usually gets into trouble with this one cause he'll turn off the TV when we're watching something. His time out when he does something "naughty" is to go to "his corner". If we tell him "no" and he does it anyway, we always point and say "go to your corner!" which he almost always obediently does! I think he thinks "time out" is a game cause he goes to it, sits down, and gives us this big cheesy grin, as if to say "ha ha, I got your attention"! Then, he makes sure to keep our attention by constantly trying to sneak out of his corner. But he's so cute and sly when he does it that we just can't stay mad at him long. I'm kind of a pushover for him! Little Stinker!

13-Brushing His Teeth/hair
I don't know of any other 17 month old that actually ASKS to have his teeth brushed, but he does! He also really loves to brush his own hair.

15-high five/bones
16-kiss baby(my buddha belly, and AJ's gut)
18-Q tips
19-hiding in the kitchen cupboard or locking himself in the hall closet
20-Inside Out Primary Colors CD (esp.the song "I hope they call me on a mission")
These and a few other things give him what AJ likes to call the "piss shivers"!

Well, anyway, those are just a few of Breit's favorite things to do. If I think of more I'll be sure to add it to this list! I love my sweetie baby!

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