Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Breitling and Benson are growing, and learning like crazy! Benson has already gained about 3 1/2 lbs. since he was born, and has grown 2 1/2 inches! He super alert and responsive. He is now smiling on command, and finding his voice. He is very strong and is pro at holding his head up!
Breitling is such a wonderful older brother! He loves his baby Benson, and he is very helpful with him. He loves to help calm Benson down when he is fussy, and is excellent at re-inserting Benson's binky into his mouth.
Breit is discovering more and more new things everyday. Just the other day he discovered that his shorts and pants had pockets! He spent almost all day with his hand in his pocket-strutting around the house like he was the coolest kid ever cause he had pockets. Then after a while of having his hand put away, he pulled his hand out of his pocket, looked and it, and exclaimed "Ahh Haa! I found it!". I'm not sure if he knew his hand was in his pocket, or if he thought he had misplaced it, but it seemed from the looks of it that he had been looking for his hand that whole time! Cutest moment ever!
Amongst other cute things that he does is obsess over candles-or as he likes to call them, "Happ Birtday"! It use to be light switches that were his obsession, but now every morning he wakes up and wants to blow out the happy birthday candles!
Bens is cooing and patient during all of it! They both are like their momma in that they love to spend their time outside at the pool! We have been soaking up as much sun as we can while the warm weather lasts, and we are having a BLAST together doing it! Breit is my little "social butterfly" out at the pool, making friends with all of the kids, while Bens is getting all of the older chicas attention!
All in all, my boys are healthy, happy, smart as whips, and completey adorable!
I just LOVE my baby boys!

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