Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was reading out of The Book of Mormon today, and I came across a scripture that seems so very insignificant, and yet, it inspired me a great deal. It was out of the Book of Omni, Chapter one, verse 9: "Now I Chemish, write what few things I write, in the same book with my brother; for behold, I saw the last which he wrote, that he wrote it with his own hand; and he wrote it in the day that he delivered them unto me. And after this manner we keep the records, for it is according to the commandments of our fathers. And I make an end."
Now doesn't that seem pretty generic? Exactly! That is what inspired me. How vague Chemish was in his writing, and how little he wrote.
After reading this verse I immediately thought, "I am such a 'Chemish'!" I am commanded to write in my journal, or at least keep my own record, but, like Chemish, I write "what few things I write". I pretend to write every so often, but I rarely write down things that are important, significant, or inspiring. So, as to discontinue being a Chemish, I am going to try to write more. Hopefully, a lot more!
I seem to always have a lot to say when I am talking, but unfortunately, there's not much to say when I am writing. I hope to change that starting now!
This will be my "Family Journal". Those who want to read, can. If not, I will not be offended since this is mostly for me and my posterity.
In this I will share spiritual experiences, my testimony, things that my children teach me, and things I teach my children, defining moments, and some of my favorite things!
It'll all start tonight since I have to go. We are going with my in-laws and kids to Chuck-e-cheese Pizza for Liam's (my nephew) Birthday, and I am in charge of finding some coupons for this! I'll be sure to take some pics and post those later. But for now, toot-a-loo!

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